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Determining Your Skill Level

Determining your skill level is the key to selecting the classes and tours that are most appropriate for you. Here's a quick guide to skill levels for the symposium. Pick the skill level that best describes your paddling experience and ability, then use that as a guide as you select your classes and tours.

If you're a beginner: you have no sea kayaking experience and no formal instruction. This may be one of your first times in a kayak.

If you're a novice: you have some kayaking experience on lakes other than a local pond, and have had some formal instruction. You consider yourself to be at a basic level.

If you're an intermediate paddler: you have some sea kayaking experience on large lakes with waves up to 2ft, and have had formal kayaking instruction. You know the fundamental strokes, are comfortable tipping over with a spray skirt on, and can get back in your kayak with assistance.

If you're an advanced paddler: you are experienced paddling on great lakes, have solid sea kayaking skills, and have had formal kayaking instruction. You can cover 12-15 miles, at a 3-4 miles/hour pace, and handle waves 3ft or bigger.

"I have never been to Door County before and this was the perfect opportunity for me to explore and paddle in a beautiful spot."

"My biggest thrill... was sharing this experience with my 8-year-old granddaughter, who thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this paddling experience - from realizing her capabilities, paddling in waves and playing games to meeting new friends and working together with other kid paddlers to transport boats and gear."