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Boat Requirements

If you have your own boat, please bring it along! We encourage you to use your own boat and gear, if possible. Learning in your own boat helps you feel more comfortable going out and practicing on your own after the symposium.

We welcome day touring kayaks (boats of 13.5’ -15’ in length) and sea kayaks (15' and longer) that are equipped with:
•spray skirt
•static deck lines
•sealed bulkheads and/or 2 floatation bags

We require sea kayaks of 15' and longer for Skills Challenge classes and Intermediate and Advanced level tours to be sure that you are able to comfortably and safely keep up with the group in potentially rough conditions.

Please note that PFDs are required to be worn any time you're in a boat on the water, including classes, tours, and demos.

"It was a HUGE benefit. I now have a wonderful base of knowledge to grow from…a huge list of things I can go home and practice. Have a much better understanding of the sport as a whole."

"My biggest thrill…was sharing this experience with my 8-year-old granddaughter, who thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this paddling experience—from realizing her capabilities, paddling in waves and playing games to meeting new friends and working together with other kid paddlers to transport boats and gear."