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On-Water Classes

Boat Control 1
Learn the finer points of boat control, the key to efficient and effective kayaking. Taught in two parts, Boat Control 1 will focus on how the boat and the body work together. We’ll cover the basic movements: rotation, edging and tilt. Then we’ll move into edge turns and how torso rotation works with key strokes to turn the kayak on edge.

We strongly recommend that you follow this class with Boat Control 2 during your next session. For example, if you take Boat Control 1 on Friday morning, take Boat Control 2 that afternoon. If you take Boat Control 1 Friday afternoon, take Boat Control 2 Saturday morning.

Ages:16 and older
Skill Level:Basic Skills
Prerequisites:Ability to demonstrate basic strokes, wet exit and rescue

Day:Start Time:End Time: 
 Friday8:00AM 11:00AM  bookmark session
 Friday2:00PM 5:00PM  bookmark session