July 9 - 12, 2020
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You have no sea kayaking experience and no formal instruction. It may be your first time in a kayak!

Intro to Sea Kayaking
Kayak Essentials
Kayak Essentials for Women

Basic Skills
Build on the fundamentals. For paddlers with some sea kayaking experience or formal instruction.

Kayak Tune-Up
Boat Control
Boat Control for Women
Navigation Tools & Charts - On Land
Forward Stroke
Combining Strokes
Combining Strokes for Women
Rescue Techniques
Rescue Techniques for Women
Video Stroke Analysis
Greenland Paddling Intro
Paddler's Choice
Kayak Play
Mink River Tour
Naturalist Mink River Tour
Kangaroo Lake Relaxed Tour
Europe & Newport Bays Relaxed Tour
Rowleys Bay to Sand Bay Relaxed Tour
Garrett Bay Relaxed Tour
Baileys Harbor Relaxed Tour

You have sea kayaking experience on large lakes with waves up to 2 ft, and have had formal kayaking instruction. You are comfortable tipping over with a spray skirt on and can get back in your kayak with assistance.

Greenland Paddling 2
Intro to Kayak Rolling
Kayak Rolling 2
Advanced Rescues and Towing
Rowleys Bay to Spider Island Tour
Garrett Bay to Ellison Bay Tour
Moonlight Bay Tour
Sister Islands Tour
Strawberry Islands Tour
Northport to Plum Island Tour
Sister Islands Skill Builder Tour
Horseshoe Island Skill Builder Tour

You are experienced paddling on great lakes, have solid sea kayaking skills, and have had formal kayaking instruction. You can cover 12-15 miles, at a 3-4 mile/hour pace, and handle waves 3 ft or bigger.

Open Water Adventure
Wind, Waves and Surf
Tennison to Chambers Island Tour
Porte des Morts Open Water Passage
Tip of the Door Skill Builder Tour

Whether you're brand new to kayaking or have been to the symposium multiple times, these are the best classes for youth!

Youth Go Kayaking 1/Refresher
Youth Go Kayaking 2/Refresher
Youth Garrett Bay Tour
Youth Challenge