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Determining Your Skill Level

Determining your skill level is the key to selecting the classes and tours that are most appropriate for you. Here’s a quick guide to skill levels for the symposium. Pick the skill level that best describes your paddling experience and ability, then use that as a guide as you select your classes and tours.

If you’re a beginner: you have no sea kayaking experience and no formal instruction. We recommend that you start your weekend with our relaxed-pace, day-long Introduction to Sea Kayaking class. You'll learn the basics on an inland lake with supportive instructors who will help you get your kayaking adventure off to a fun and safe start.

If you’re a novice: you’re a paddler who has some some kayaking experience, perhaps a bit of paddling here and there. You have had limited formal instruction, and you consider yourself to be at a basic level. For you, we recommend beginning with Kayak Essentials, a morning of basic skills that will give you what you need to get to the next level.

If you’re an intermediate paddler: you have moderate sea kayaking experience and some formal instruction, and you’re familiar with fundamental strokes, comfortable with a wet exit, and can perform a basic rescue and re-entry.

If you're an advanced paddler: you are an experienced kayaker with solid skills who can travel 3-4 miles/hour and handle rough conditions.

"The best part about the symposium was being in a community of paddlers in a supportive atmosphere. I prefer solo paddling and getting away from the crowds but I was touched deeply by the positive energy of so many leave-no-trace, silent sports people."

"I stretched myself because I knew I was in a safe environment."