Trailers Are Good For Kayak And Canoe Transport Too

Sometimes the best car top solution isn't. Tall vehicle? Short of stature? Consider a trailer. The trailers available at Cartop are fully compatible with Yakima and Thule accessories. Throw a luggage box on a trailer, add a few bike racks or a few kayak saddles and you're good to go.

Careful now. Your image of trailers may deceive you. Lightweight trailers are easy to move around and easy to store. Trailers are seriously awesome.

RackAndRoll 78 Trailer

Extra width for greater load carrying capacity.


RackAndRoll 66 Trailer

A lightweight trailer for easy cargo transport.


Malone Autoracks
MicroSport Trailer

A convenient way to transport your boats to the water.


5 Spoke Spare Wheel

Keep a spare ready just in case.


Tongue Extension Kit

An extension that allows you to carry longer boats safely.


Malone Autoracks
Spare Tire Kit

Always a good thing to have for your trailer.


Heavy Duty Shocks

Adds greater carrying capacity to your trailer.



Add a kickstand to your RackAndRoll.


Safety Pole

I'm a safety girl...