We Have A Great Selection Of Kayak Carriers In Stock

It seems that car racks were made for carrying kayaks. Long and thin, a kayak needs a secure mount to your vehicle.

The earth is not three-quarters water; it's 70.8%. That leaves 29.2% where you can't paddle. To move your kayak from Point A (the dry one) to Point B (the wet one), a car rack or trailer will facilitate the transport.

Most of the Cartopians are kayakers too. If you want concierge service, give us a shout.

Kayak J-Cradles
Carry your kayak on its side, leaving bar space open for other things. Like more kayaks.
Kayak Saddles
The original method of transporting kayaks was the saddle, and it still is quite popular today.
Stacking Kayak Solutions
A minimalist solution for maximalist capacity. Wanna carry a bunch of whitewater boats? While maximalism is not a word, but it should be.
Kayak - Load Assisting
Do you have a tall vehicle? Are you altitudinally challenged? The shorter Cartopians know your pain. But there are solutions to loading a kayak by yourself.
Those Important Extras
Don't hate on the word "accessorize." It's the little things that make the difference.