Whispbar Car Top Racks Keep It Smooth And Quiet

Ever grow tired of a car rack that drowns out the sound system in your car? Whispbar did. An Australian-based company, Whispbar was purchased and moved to the U.S. by the same rocket scientists who own and work at Yakima, their sister company. Yakima focuses on versatility; Whispbar focuses on silence. The Whispbar system is great for owners of sporty cars that would look a little weird with a roof rack on it -- they look smoking on a BMW. We also see a lot of Prius owners wanting this aerodynamic rack system. Cartopians agree: shhhhh!

Note: To make the process painless, we double-check every fit for every order. Your vehicle info will be requested at check-out.

Whispbar Roof Bases
Hear that? Didn't think so. Whispbar reduces wind noise to its namesake and keeps your car slippery and efficient.
Whispbar Factory Rail Racks
You already have the factory-installed rack...time for a small, quiet addition to give your rack the functionality it was born to have.