CarTop Is Proud To Be a 5-Star Thule USA Dealer

Thule has dominated the European car rack scene for over thirty years as well as the east coast. Thule's US division, Thule USA, builds 90% of their product here in the US in a green (100% solar) factory, which is really cool. Because of their worldwide vision, they can fit almost any car made. Thule makes a premium product all Cartopians are proud to provide to rack aficionados everywhere. Their Hullavator is a game-changing kayak loading system and for some paddlers, a life-changing piece of equipment, allowing short people with heavy boats and tall cars to get out on the water by themselves. is proud to be a 5-star Thule dealer.

By the way, Thule is pronounced Too Lee. Not Thoo Lee. Certainly not Thool.

Thule Roof Racks
Dress up your naked roof with a Thule rack. 'Cause without a rack, it's just a car.
Thule Rail Racks
Take your factory rack from a pseudo-cosmetic lightweight rack to a beefy Thule system. It gives you a lot more choices for carrying your gear and expands your capacity (a good thing).
Thule Permanent Racks
Not every car has an out-of-the-box solution. Actually, with Thule, it does.
Thule Gutter Bases
If you're lucky enough to have rain gutters on your old car or truck, rejoice. A bomb-proof roof rack awaits.
Thule Truck Racks
No truck topper? No problem. Thule has the goods.
Thule Flat Load Bars
Towers and bars are the ham and eggs of rack systems. Let's talk about the eggs.

Thule Rack Security
If it's worth hauling around, it's worth locking. Thule makes it easy to keep your gear where it belongs -- where you left it before you went into the restaurant. Better lock it up. You'll eat better.
Thule Wind Fairings
Think of a fairing as a kind friend, protecting your ears from another friend who whistles all the time. Or something like that.
Bike Carriers
Carry your bikes safely and in style with a bicycle rack from Thule (say Too-Lee).
Load...carry...unload. That's what a canoe or kayak rack is supposed to do easily and quickly with no damage to you, your car or your boat. Thule has a number of options for you and your boat.
Transport Skis/Snowboards
Carrying skis in Europe since snow was invented, Thule ski and snowboard solutions are time-tested and powder-approved.
Thule Adapters
Not every car or accessory fits in a nice, neat little box. Luckily, Thule thinks outside that neat little box.
Unique Thule Fits